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ArcGIS Urban:
Future of City Planning

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How ArcGIS Urban Helps City Planners ViewPro’s customized approach is designed for planners by planners

Simplify Zoning
Modify Constraints

Modify zoning constraints on-the-go and check for its adaptability.

Quick Evaluation

Evaluate zoning changes and conduct zoning revisions for test proposals.

3D Immersive experience
Enhanced insight into GIS data

Analyze contextual information with a 3D representation of a city.

Analyze contextual data

Instantly envision projects in the local context, optimize location intelligence.

Community Engagement
3D immersive customer engagement

Gain early buy-in for new projects through Urban’s digital engagement functionality.

Share scenarios for enhanced visibility

Scenarios can be easily shared with stakeholders to visualize impacts.

Configure what-if scenarios
Cutting edge scenario planning tools

Visualize current conditions and proposed plans in the same planning initiative.

Create scenarios with confidence

Stimulate control growth and explore the effects of development constraints.

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Hello City Planners … What challenges are you trying to solve?

Hello GIS Professionals … What challenges are you trying to solve?

Hello Architects & Urban Designers … What challenges are you trying to solve?

Hello Urban Planning Consultants … What challenges are you trying to solve?

We recommend 1 solution

Starter Kit
Starter Kit
(Urban Standard)
Get Pre-Qualified
Identify a Suitable Project
Training & Knowledge Transfer
Go Live with your Scenario Plan
Turnaround time: 30 days*
Deep Dive - 3D Data
Deep Dive - 3D Data
(Urban Advance)
Prepare Data at a Cityscale
Create 3D Buildings & Terrain
Learn How to Use LiDAR Data
Onsite Hands-on Learning
Turnaround time: 30 days*
Custom Workflows
Custom Workflows
(Urban Premium)
Support Advance Workflow
Multi-department Workflow
Configure Ancillary GIS Tools
Extensive Knowledge Transfer
Turnaround time: Task dependent
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* Actual time may vary based on project requirements.

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“Allowed us to employ the best solution to provide real-world context to making decisions”
Kathleen Osher, City of Littleton, CO

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